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Does Sheikh ABC endorse you? Send me your finance contract for review

At Hejaz, we are proud to offer a finance product that has been established through close collaboration with local and international Sharia boards and advisers. Our product has been structured and drafted by experts in Islamic finance, and we continually undergo rigorous audits to ensure the highest level of Sharia compliance.

We understand the importance of transparency and are open to working with scholars and Muftis to provide them with the information they need to fully understand our product and services. We welcome the opportunity to host any interested scholars in our offices and answer any questions they may have.

Our finance facility agreements have been carefully crafted to align with Islamic finance principles while also adhering to Australian Credit regulations. These agreements are an integral part of Hejaz's intellectual property and will only be shared with clients in accordance with legal requirements during the approval process. If your Imam or Sheikh wishes to review the contract, we would be happy to accommodate this in our offices and answer any questions they may have.