How do I choose the right cover?

The decision to buy Family Protection is often made with the best interests of your loved ones at heart. After all, if you were to pass away or become seriously ill or injured, you want to know they will be looked after financially. It’s a smart decision, but it’s important you consider how much and what type(s) of cover you need to ensure your loved ones are adequately protected.

How much cover do you need?

One of the best ways to discover just how much cover you need is through our Hayat Protection Calculator. The calculator will help you identify what types and how much cover you need to meet your needs. 

What if I have Life Insurance in my superannuation already?

Most employees will automatically have some Life Insurance in super. However, many people only have a minimum level of cover that may not be sufficient to meet the needs of their dependents.

There are also different rules around accessing benefits within super, and different tax treatment for different types of beneficiaries – which is why many Australians have chosen to have more than one policy to ensure they are adequately covered.