How does Family Protection work?

Like other Insurances, Family Protection is one of those things that you should have, but hope you never have to use. It’s the ultimate peace-of-mind policy, protecting your family against financial hardship if you were to pass away.

At its most basic level, Family Protection pays a lump-sum benefit to your nominated beneficiary or estate if you die. Of course, there’s a little more to it than that.

Choose the Type of Cover

Family Protection can take many different shapes. At Hejaz, you’ve got the option of adding Critical Care and/or Illness Recovery Protection to your Family Protection.

Critical Care protection provides a lump sum payout if you were to suffer a debilitating injury or illness, and could never work again.

Illness Recovery protection provides a lump sum of money if you suffer a medical condition or trauma that impacts on your life for a period – such as being diagnosed with cancer or suffering a stroke or heart attack – yet you can return to work in time.

Choose your cover amount

At Hejaz, you can apply for up to $2 million in Family Protection. Generally, people take a good look at their current and future financial situation – such as the size of their mortgage, any other large debts, and ongoing living costs – in arriving at an amount.

Apply for cover

At Hejaz applying for Family Cover is easy; although sometimes a few extra steps – like medical examinations – may need to be added to make sure that you’re getting cover tailored to your needs.

The application process can be completed over the phone with one of our Hayat Protection Specialists and takes 15 to 20 minutes. You will need to provide answers to a list of medical questions so we can better assess your health and lifestyle. Once completed, you will know how your Family Protection will be tailored to you and how much your premiums will be.

In calculating your premiums, we look at a range of factors that relate to your age, occupation and medical history.