What to expect at tax time if you have an investment portfolio

If you make an investment, withdraw an investment, or receive income (aka a distribution) from your investment, you are likely to have tax consequences.

Here, we’ll outline how tax time works if you have an investment.

Tax statements

If you are an investment customer within a financial year (which starts on 1 July and ends the next year on 30 June), you will receive an annual statement from us.

The annual statement will include a record of all your transactions during the period, which you or your tax agent can use to determine whether you have triggered a tax event (such as a capital gain or loss).

You will also receive a tax statement (aka an AMMA statement) if you were eligible for a distribution during the financial year.

The tax statement or AMMA statement will outline any income you received from your investment and the related tax consequences.

You will need both the annual and tax statements to complete your Australian income tax return.

Please make sure your Hejaz account email address is up to date so that you receive your statements.

Pre-filled information

Hejaz sends the Australian Tax Office (ATO) financial information on your investments, which allows the ATO to pre-fill your tax return.

It is important you check pre-fill information against your tax statement when filing your tax return.