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Why do you show % rates for products if you do not charge or pay interest?

At Hejaz Finance, we are dedicated to providing our clients with financial services and products that align with the principles of Sharia. Our home finance products are structured as Ijara rental rates rather than interest, as mandated by our Sharia Advisors.

As a regulated Australian provider of credit and financial services, Hejaz Finance adheres to the standards set by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). To ensure transparency and fairness, we display our charges in a way that allows consumers to compare our rates and charges with conventional financial institutions.

The Ijara rental rate is expressed as a percentage, allowing for comparison with other providers in the market, including conventional mortgage companies. This percentage rate simply represents the rental charge that Hejaz Finance imposes on the customer as a proportion of the finance/repayment amount.

We understand that making financial decisions can be complex, and we aim to provide our clients with the information and tools necessary to make informed choices. By expressing our charges in a comparable format, we aim to assist customers in the decision-making process and help them find the financial solution that best meets their needs.